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World’s first recruitment firm that integrates career development to attract candidates.

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Tech industry knowledge

Different companies have different needs. Turing Talent comprises a unique, hands on team who are experts within the field and are able give the best advise when it comes to placement.

An edge to retain talent

Turing is the world’s first recruitment firm that integrates career development in the process. Candidates are trained and offered a mentorship by the company.

Higher Standards

Turing Talent has a specialised vetting process to ensure that the best talent is offered to you. High quality candidates are attracted through the further offering of the Leadership program.

Talent war is fierce. Don't just offer a job. Offer growth

Turing Talent gives you an edge to hire in the highly-competitive technology market. Proprietary Leadership Program attracts and develops ambitious technical talent.

Job Areas

We specialize in recruiting for the most cutting-edge fields.

CTOs & VPs

Data Science

Data Engineering

Machine Learning

Software Engineering

Web3 / NFT

Quantum Computing

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more qualified candidates



success rate in closing positions unfilled for 4 months+



faster promotion than peers. They perform better

Global Coverage

Candidate Diversity



identify as women



minority ethnicities






Career changers

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A unique recruitment firm.

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