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Citibot Case Study
How Citibot hired a Machine Learning Engineer through Turing Talent
Citibot is a seed-stage company implementing intelligent chatbots for cities and states. The initial intention was to hire two interns - a Machine Learning Engineer for product development and a Javascript Developer to onboard new clients.

After further consideration, they realised they wouldn't have onboarding bandwidth for two interns. However, both work areas were essential for them. Therefore, they decided to find one individual that could cover both roles. Finding a profile that combines an ML engineer and a full-stack developer was incredibly challenging. Usually, ML engineers are familiar with the Python language, and their interests may not align with the fundamental role requirement.

Turing Talent and Citibot agreed to prioritize finding someone with ML skills and ramp up the individual on Javascript. So it was vital to find someone who has strong problem-solving skills and self-initiative.

Even with such a challenging requirement, we shortlisted a few candidates. After interviewing, Citibot narrowed it down to 2 finalists. Through our mediation, an offer was agreed with Aanu.

Aanu is completing a Master in Data Science and AI. Before that, he had two years of software development experience in a financial institution. During that time, he implemented a chatbot using Python, which was a bonus point for Citibot. As a result, Citibot valued his combination of technical skills. Furthermore, his drive demonstrated during the interview gave the team confidence that he'd pick up Javascript quickly. To complement that, Citibot's team compiled several Youtube videos and resources on Javascript for him to complete and ramp up on Javascript in the first week.
So far Aanu has:

  • Developed a notification functionality on the website;
  • Enhance response to users by using web scraping
  • Development of WebChat 2.0
  • Research about how to create sentiment analysis on Citibot communication

Technologies used: Python, JavaScript, Svelte, Redux Bundler

"This was our first experience trying to find an intern through a dedicated company. It was a lot easier that we would've thought. Everyone was so professional, kind and just willing to work with us."

- Alexandria Cottingham, Director of Marketing and Communications

    Aanuoluwa Ayodeji
    Machine Learning Engineer
    Master's Degree in Data Science and AI at University of Liverpool
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