We are a B2C travel business. Our mission is to help people discover the world by travelling through it, rather than flying over it, by train, boat, bike and more. We provide unique and personal travel adventures, designed to help you start a holiday from your doorstep.

Byway - Travel Business

Software Engineer, Business / operations
Product development intern: writing code and/or researching APIs as we build our product ; Business/operations intern: copywriting, research on travel businesses, booking travel for customers, potentially customer support.
Product development intern: programming ability, ability to work self-directed for a good portion of time, with direction a couple of times a week from a CTO; Business/operations intern: exceptional spoken and written English, comfort with Excel and good numeracy, ability to work on desk research self-directed.
Are we looking to hire the intern full time, assuming he/she does a good job? Perhaps - dependent on sales/budget/funding
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