Communal Holdings LLC is a self-funded, ARC (Airlines Reporting Corporation) Accredited travel agency (less than 5% of US travel agents are accredited). We believe that we have the roadmap to the holy grail, "connected travel - combining disparate trip elements into something of a dynamic package we can service once there is a disruption.

Interns will have the opportunity to work on these game-changing innovations alongside us. Dr. Ayala, our Chief Data Scientist has signaled his interest to work closely with one intern. However, over the summer as his schedule shifts, there is a chance that we can take up to 3 Data Science/ML interns.

Communal Holdings LLC: ARC
and Innovative Travel Agency
Machine Learning Engineer, Data Scientist, Software Engineer, Marketing, Business Development
  • Machine Learning and Data Science - you'll be working with our Chief Data Scientist, Dr. Ayala, on solving the problem of "analysis paralysis" when travelers plan and book their trips. He is willing to train 1 person with some python or web development knowledge. Contributors will have the opportunity to be included in the resulting patent as co-author (ownership of the patent is with the company)The
  • Software Engineer will be working with the Senior Developer, Front End Developer, and co-founder on integrating the front end and backend, and APIs from our partners. Knowledge of React, React-Redux, Node.js, Ruby on Rails, and Postgres SQL will be helpful, but it can also be learned on the way.
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