Hololink is a small startup based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Our tech stack is based on Mongo DB, Angular, Node.js, Typescript and custom built image tracking algorithms based on OpenCV and a WebGL 3D renderer based on Babylon.js. We have a very flat hierarchy and are committed to continuous development of our employees on both a professional and personal level. We aim that each and every of our employees feels that they he/she has an important role in the creation of tools that will eventually empower thousands of students, teachers and creatives around the world to create amazing, interactive augmented reality experiences.
Hololink - Denmark-Based Startup
Machine Learning Engineer, Data Scientist
We're looking for a candidate who is pursuing a master degree within computer vision, machine learning or signal processing. He or she will be working closely with our two senior developers and our data scientist to refine our tracking algorithms within SLAM, object and/or image recognition and tracking. Preferably they are skilled within algorithms and web development and have a strong passion to empower people to create amazing new kinds of digital experiences.
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