IamBot's product - SnapShopBot is a visual chatbot that lives in a Facebook Messenger. The bot allows you to find the right product easily. That's it - no app needed. Just take a photo of an item you like and send it to our bot. Our unique advanced AI algorithms will recognise products on a picture and will provide accurate and hyper-personalised recommendations with links to the very similar products or even the same ones.
In one sentence: SnapShopBot simplifies the product search process, shortens the path to purchase, and creates new customer experience capabilities.
IamBot - Silicon-Valley visual chatbot startup
Machine Learning Engineer, Software Engineer
We're based in California and are backed by the Techstar incubator. We're looking for interns with the following skills:
1. Machine Learning: pyTorch, NLP and Computer Vision, transfer learning, language modeling;
2. Software Engineering: Scala, TypeScript, Play Framework
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