Rillavoice builds voice recognition AI to capture insights from the billions of conversations that happen between consumer facing employees and customers in offline commerce. Think when you go shopping at a retail store, when you talk to the fast food worker at the counter, or the millions of nurse who communicate with patients.
Machine Learning Engineer, Data Scientist, Software Engineer
  • In order to capture accurate analytics from these conversations, we need to do three things really well:
  • Signal processing (cleaning up the unstructured audio to differentiate speakers, identify shoppers, denoise the audio, and deal with speech that sounds far away).
  • Speech-to-text (transcribe the cleaned up audio to text accurately)
  • NLP (turn the text into numbers by classifying key words and phrases into different groups of meaning). Depending on your interests, you will be working alongside our CTO and our Chief Data Scientist in optimizing our proprietary signal processing algorithms, fine tuning our NLP models with vast amounts of data, or helping build our backend data pipeline so that all our technology runs smoothly and cost efficiently.
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