SafeMode offers a behavioral AI-based solution to help fleet managers monitor and reward drivers for safe and eco-driving. SafeMode is poised to be a category leader in the $70B driver behavior market. Our unique technology is based on many years of research in the fields of predicting and shaping human behavior conducted by its team of AI & Behavioral economics professors and highly experienced R&D leaders (SolarEdge, Microsoft).
SafeMode - Al-Based Solution
Machine Learning Engineer, Data Scientist
(1) We are looking for highly talented and motivated data scientists to join our team and help us take our behavioral AI solution to the next level.Skills and qualifications:
• Thorough understanding of common machine learning techniques and algorithms.
• Experience in common data science tool-kits.
• Good scripting and programming skills (with emphasis on Python).
• Graduate students of Computer Science, Software Engineering, or other relevant careers and/or courses.
(2)We are looking for a very talented and highly motivated backend developer.
  • Graduated or advanced students of Computer Science, Software Engineering, or other relevant carers and/or courses.
  • Knowledge and experience with Python (experience gained in courses is also relevant)
  • Knowledge of REST Apis.
  • Knowledge of Object-Oriented Programming.
The perfect candidate must be a very responsible, motivated, and excellent team player with a 'can-do' attitude and a smile to share with the team. Self and fast learners striving for excellence are especially appreciated. Willing to grow in a great star-up and be part of a very talented and professional team.
As part of this job, you will take part in the entire data science development cycle, from the extraction of raw data, data pre-processing, features' engineering, models' generation and evaluation, and integration of the resulting models in production.
Are we looking to hire the intern full time, assuming he/she does a good job? Yes.
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