Stryd is a talented, multidisciplinary team that is enthusiastic about creating the future of wearable technology for runners. Stryd is redesigning how runners train and race, bringing together the human desire to move, and the science to do it smarter. By using Stryd, runners can train effectively, race strategically, and unleash their full potential. Stryd is currently a 16 people small team, so there are plenty of opportunities for interns to see how a small start up works and have their own impact on it.
Stryd - ML and software for runners
Data Scientist, Software Engineer
(We have a couple of projects which could be good fits for interns:
1. A web platform to connect coaches with athletes in our customer community. Similar to a job searching site but much simpler. Some basic web knowledge (HTML, CSS and JS) would be needed.
2. A small part of our mobile (Android or iOS) app, which would be fairly individual and customer oriented. For this position, interns need to have some basic Swift or Kotlin programming language knowledge, and be interested in Android/iOS development.
3. Using a data analysis tool to analyze all the training data we have, and potentially design an intelligent, adaptive training system for runners at different levels to use. For this position, the ideal candidate should be interested in sports training, and be familiar with Python programming and have basic knowledge (university course level is sufficient) about machine learning.
Note that being familiar with Python itself may not be enough since a basic understanding of endurance training (running/cycling/swimming) is required to make the collaboration much easier.
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