Sundar is building the world's largest digital platform connecting fashion brands with manufacturers and suppliers of textiles, trims, garments and specialist services, enabling in minutes what used to take weeks and months to accomplish. We have a great training program for interns and provide great mentorship.
Sundar - NYC-based Techstar startup
Machine Learning Engineer, Data Scientist, Software Engineer
  • knowledge graphs, NLP, recommendation engines; python, java, SQL; experience with scrapy/scrapinghub, airflow, and kind of GUI design might be other ones.
We're looking for a number of interns to join our team. Main responsibilities include:
• Using AI and ML during scraping of various sources and conversion of raw data to normalized statements of fact.
• Using AI and ML for entity extraction and entity resolution, thereby creating linkages across sets of facts.
• Using graph analytics over the set of facts to generate metrics for the degree of trustworthiness in the data.
• Using ML to adjust weights for degrees of trust based on relationships (reputation management).

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