Deloitte case study
How Turing Talent brings diverse Data Science talent to a Big 4 consultancy firm

Deloitte had a client project with a FANG company that had a high requirement for an individual with data engineering and data science capabilities. Someone early in careers but can hit the ground running with this tier 1 client.

Deloitte turned to Turing Talent as a specialist for PhD and Master-level Data Science roles. In addition, they knew Turing Talent always had a strong diverse talent pool which was important to them.

They hired David, through working closely with Turing Talent's Success Manager. David receives regular leadership training and coaching from Turing Talent. In addition, he's paired with a mentor who is an ex-Amazon Engineering Director. The holistic programme combined with David's own drive has meant that he continues to thrive on the job.
David is a highly capable Data Scientist originally from Nigeria and obtained his PhD in
the UK, and had one year of work experience.

He has been working in a team on a project for a FANG client of Deloitte's.

What he has worked on so far:
  • End-to-end API ETL pipelines for a geospatial threat application in Python
  • NLP algorithms to analyze and map textual data
Technologies used: Docker, Git/Gitlab, Python

Data Scientist at Deloitte
PhD in Electronics and Computer Engineering
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