Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions
What are the differences between the 3 employer packages?
  • Unpaid: Means that you will get an intern free of any service charged by Turing Talent and no wage is required. Training and mentorship are included. The Interns will pay the one-off service fee of 500£.
  • Sponsor Fee: This option is identical to the Unpaid option, except that you will sponsor the one-off program fee which is normally charged to the Student. This will increase your chances of getting a intern. .
  • Paid: This is the only option for paid internships. You will pay your intern(s) a monthly salary, its range is up to you to decide. You will not be charged any service fee and all benefits are included.
What does the one-off £500 program fee cover?
£500 per intern covers our cost of:

  • Training, onboarding and progress monitoring to make sure you do well on the job
  • Marketing and signing up interns around the globe
  • Vetting interns and companies to ensure a perfect match is found
  • Candidate interviewing and testing
    If I choose to sponsor the one-off £500 program fee, do I pay to interview or only when we have an intern?
    The program fee is only payable when you have secured a successful candidate to join. It's payable on the first day of joining.
    How long does the internship last?
    You can choose internships that are 3 to 12 months in duration. If you have other needs, please indicate in application form and this can be agreed with the applicants directly.
    Are all your internship programs remote?
    As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to have an impact around the world, Turing Talent has made the decision to run all internships remotely for 2020
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