Technology Internship Program
Technology Internship Program
Get the internship you wouldn't get otherwise

We turn the internship model on its head.
We partner with companies who take on unpaid interns. In exchange, they offer you on-the-job mentorship, allowing you to learn on the job.
Price: £500. Free to apply. Pay when you accept an offer
Unique benefits for you
Silicon valley startups to open-source organisations
Real industry experience
Potential to secure a full-time position after
Learn from your peers. Work from anywhere
Job roles available
Software Engineering
Data Science / Analytics
Technology Consulting
Cyber Security
Price: £500. Free to apply. Pay when you accept an offer
How it works
Apply with your CV
Turing Talent video interview
Match with a host company
Accept offer. Pay fee upon acceptance
May - July
June - August
July - September
Why we started this
Many students lack the practical experience to get into technology sector - even if they have studied technology in universities.

Internships are hard to come by. Companies want people who already have the technical experience. It's a chick-and-egg problem.

So we changed the business model and created a program that makes internships a lot easier.

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