Women Tech Leaders
World's first leadership programme for women in technology
Women Tech Leaders
World's first leadership programme for women in technology
An 8-week transformative leadership programme (evening sessions). Designed for aspiring or establishing female leaders in tech
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Program Features
Holistic curriculum in leadership
Programme tailored to technology
Coached by industry veterans
Join a curated cohort of industry peers
Programme Curriculum
Self (Personal Effectiveness)
Growth mindset, self-awareness, personal impact and branding
Self (Personal Effectiveness)
Building resilience and managing time
People (Interpersonal Excellence)
Team dynamics
People (Interpersonal Excellence)
Motivation techniques to get the best out of the team members.
Team (Organisational Performance part 1)
Building the right culture and team balance of skills and background
Team (Organisational Performance part 2)
Performance management techniques including delegation, setting objectives, conducting appraisals, and providing constructive feedback
Organisation (Organisational Performance part 3)
Develop strategy and road mapping
Organisational (Organisational Performance part 4)
Delivering impact despite technical uncertainty
Benefits to you
Level up leadership skill
Cross-industry network
Accelerate career progression
Completion certificate
Meet our trainers
Keith Clarke
Technology leader with 25 years of experience. Former VP Engineering at ARM. Qualified leadership coach
Georgie Dickins
Renowned leadership coach specialised in female leadership in male-dominated environments
Upcoming Sessions
Once a week, 2 hours in the evening. Exact dates and times to be confirmed with participants
May 18 - July 10
June 15 - August 7

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