Technology Internship Program
Technology Internship Program
What it includes
3-6 months internship experience
From Silicon Valley startups to open source organisations. Full list of host companies below
Upfront training
Tailored to host company's tech stack and need. Ensuring your readiness for the job
Programme supervisor
Regular check-ins to monitor performance and ensure you get the most out of your experience
Covid-19 update: all internships are remote. You can join from anywhere.

Price: £500. Free to apply. Pay when you accept an offer
Scholarships available
Unique benefits for you
Gain real industry experience
Boost your resume and competitiveness
Training and mentorship on the job
Potential to secure a full-time position after
Hiring companies
We update this list on a regular basis
Kristalic - VC-backed NLP startup
Software Engineer, Product
KRISTALIC is a Natural Language Processing, VC-funded company focused on automatic note-taking. The founders have met at the University of Cambridge and graduated with a Ph.D. and a master's degree in Deep Learning. Straight after they moved to San Francisco, got funded by a Sequoia Scout, and joined Techstars accelerator in 2019. In these difficult times, the company is looking for opportunities to create new products for the new post-Covid-19 world. Therefore, we're looking for well-rounded, agile, and critically thinking individuals capable of building and validating their own ideas.

We require some coding experience. Ideally, the candidates have led or created their own projects outside of academia. They will be working very closely with the founders on the forefront of building the company, therefore they will need to juggle coding, product development, customer discovery and sales. This would be ideal for people looking to start their own companies in the future.
Sundar - NYC-based Techstar startup
Machine Learning Engineer, Data Scientist, Software Engineer
Sundar is building the world's largest digital platform connecting fashion brands with manufacturers and suppliers of textiles, trims, garments and specialist services, enabling in minutes what used to take weeks and months to accomplish.

We're looking for a number of interns to join our team. Main responsibilities include:
• Using AI and ML during scraping of various sources and conversion of raw data to normalized statements of fact.
• Using AI and ML for entity extraction and entity resolution, thereby creating linkages across sets of facts.
• Using graph analytics over the set of facts to generate metrics for the degree of trustworthiness in the data.
• Using ML to adjust weights for degrees of trust based on relationships (reputation management).

Skills required: knowledge graphs, NLP, recommendation engines; python, java, SQL; experience with scrapy/scrapinghub, airflow, and kind of GUI design might be other ones.

We have a great training program for interns and provide great mentorship.
Humanity Data Systems - AI to improve aid delivery
Machine Learning Engineer, Data Scientist, Software Engineer
Humanity Data Systems is a startup dedicated to leveraging data analytics, Machine Learning and AI to improve the efficiency of aid delivery. Our objective is to help humanitarian actors – from local organizations operating on the ground to global agencies – respond better and quicker to the needs of vulnerable populations in conflict zones.

Given the challenges and lack of tools available to organizations in the region, we are currently working in Yemen with a local organisation, Yemen Relief and Reconstruction Foundation, with the view of expanding to Iraq and Syria.

Our team is made up of social scientists, data science and tech experts. Humanity Data Systems is incubated within the Social Investment Consultancy (TSIC), a London-based social impact consultancy, with our technology partner, Chenal Technology Pvt and Command Systems, in Hyderbad, India and the U.S. respectively.

We're looking for:
1. Machine learning intern: full job spec
2. Data science intern: full job spec
3. Software engineering intern : full job spec

Traccar - open-source GPS tracking
Software Engineer
Traccar Ltd is a company registered in Saint Petersburg in the Russian Federation which specializes in GPS tracking services and software development.
Java/Kotlin/Swift/JavaScript. We have everything from backend to web app and mobile apps to work on. Hiring up to 2 interns depending on their capability.

Scribeasy - AI-based creative writing platform
Machine Learning Engineer, Data Scientist, Software Engineer is a creative writing storytelling platform with a SaaS [and PaaS for museums and charities].

Looking for skills in: Net2, SQL3, Elastic Search4, Power BI, and Azure5, CSS.
We are developing inclusive and assistive tools such as TTS and bespoke NLP for emotions. Especially we are looking for 2 applications who:
- have good design skills and are strong in CSS
- is in machine learning / NLP to help with building bespoke data based /NLP supporting emotional wellbeing and AI for use of the story arc and automation.
How it works
Apply with your CV
Turing Talent interview. Certain roles require a test
Match with a host company. Scholarship result available
Accept offer. Pay fee upon acceptance
Start dates
3 - 6 months internships available.
Choose when you apply
We offer full and partial scholarships. Apply as part of your internship application.
You can also check with your universities for funding opportunities.

Selection criteria:

Achievement despite adversity
Relative, not absolute brilliance. Tell us if you've had to defy the odds
Growth mindset
Do you "stay hungry, stay foolish"?
Difference is celebrated
Strength lies in differences not in similarities
Why we created this
Many students lack the practical experience to get into technology sector - even if they have studied technology in universities.

Internships are hard to come by. Companies want people who already have the technical experience. It's a chick-and-egg problem.

So we built an increasing network of employers who want to mentor and develop interns and potentially hire them full time after the internship.
Why do I need to pay £500?
£500 per person covers our cost of:

  • Training, onboarding and progress monitoring to make sure you do well on the job
  • Marketing and signing up companies around the globe
  • Vetting companies and teams to make sure you get learning and mentorship on the job
  • Candidate interviewing and testing
    Does the internship pay?
    • Host companies, if not in the UK, are not required to pay for the internship, but they are encouraged to. It is down to the decision of the company
    • UK companies are required to pay interns at national minimum wage
    • For open-source projects and nonprofit organisations, you will work in a volunteering capacity hence won't be paid. Some organisations will cover your limited expenses and you should discuss with them if there are any
    We realise not everyone can afford to take on unpaid internships. We suggest you contact your university or other educational or governmental bodies for sponsorships or scholarships.

    Is a Visa required?
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