Coveo Case Study
How AI unicorn Coveo used Turing Talent to grow its Machine Learning team
a smarter way of hiring hard-to-hire talent

Meet Coveo
COVEO specializes in cloud-based AI-powered search and recommendations platforms. The company is valued at over $1 billion in the latest funding round in 2020.
The Result
Patrick started as an ML intern through our program. He's currently a permanent employee on Coveo's AI team
Patrick C.
Machine Learning at COVEO
Prior experience: 3 internship experiences including one at IBM as a

What he built on during internship: collaborated with existing team members to build a similar feature to Amazon's comparison system. Deep Learning using neural nets. Combining NLP, image recognition and classification techniques.

Technologies used during internship: Tensorflow, Python, MLFlow, AWS, Snowflake, Selenium

The Challenge
Some of the problems COVEO faced in the hiring area
a Need to grow the machine learning team
In need of innovative method for hiring
Looking for diverse employees
hiring and onboarding overhead needs to be low
COVEO, through its investor's recommendation, worked with Turting Talent's Internship Program.
Hired Intern through Turing Talent
they hired Patrick as a Machine Learning Engineer for initially a 3-month internship period. As an internship, it was highly cost effective for COVEO.
Succesful Internship that lead to a full time employee
After a successful internship, COVEO hired Patrick as a permanent employee position.
Simplified Hiring process through Turing Talent
Because the programme is a fully-managed service with candidate pre-screening and matching, COVEO only needed to conduct one interview to find the candidate with a great fit.
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