CivStart partners with Turing Talent

Hire Data Scientists & Machine Learning Engineers
via Turing Talent Internship Program
Young talent without ramp-up headache
Highly skilled technically
70% PhDs or Masters in Data Science or Machine Learning fields.
Partnership with 100+ universities.
Trained for industry
Holistic program of training, coaching and support from more experienced in industry. Faster ramp-up and better productivity
Cost effective
Grow team flexibly with interns. Convert to employee if internship is successful.
Pricing for CivStart Companies
Free Trial

30 days FREE

Intern salary on top

Includes all program benefits
$250 per month

Per intern placed

Intern salary on top

Includes all program benefits

10% first-year salary, if intern converted to permanent hire
100+ success stories
40% women | 60% people of color | 6% LGBTQIA+
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