Our tech career programmes
Rocket fuel your career in tech.
Cultivate your leadership potential.
Our tech career programmes
Rocket fuel your career in tech.
Cultivate your leadership potential.
Whether you're a fresh graduate looking to kickstart your career in tech, or an experienced tech professional looking for a change,
Turing Talent is here to help.

We believe our approach is not only different, but unique.
It is designed to create the next generation of tech leaders.
Unique benefits for you
Receive continuous technical and professional training
Work at leading global companies

Join a high-calibre international peer network
Learn from a personal mentor with technical background
Current openings for graduates

Current openings for professionals

How it works
Before the Turing Talent Programme
  1. Apply online.
  2. Complete optional career self assessment form and technical challenge, for guided tech career advice from our team.
  3. Sign up to participate in our pre-career training offerings.These include topics such as enhance your CV, improve your technical skills, gain confidence in interviews. Please see our Training offerings below.
Join the Turing Talent Programme
    1. Complete a 45-minute online video interview with Turing Talent.
    2. Receive interview invitations from destination companies with jobs that match your interests and capability.
    3. Complete interview and assessment with destination company. Receive a job offer.
    During the Turing Talent Programme

    1. Accept a job offer.
    2. At this point, you are officially a Turing Talent Fellow and your job commences at destination company.
    3. Be matched with a personal mentor.
    4. Attend 12 monthly trainings covering technical and leadership skills, for free.
    5. Complete 12 monthly mentorship sessions, for free.

    Graduate from the Turing Talent Programme

    1. Receive a certificate of graduation, listing certifications of technical and leadership skills covered.
    2. Join the exclusive Turing Talent alumni network with talented individuals across the industry.

    Spotlight employer
    How does the programme work?
    Secure a job with one of our destination company partners and receive the full benefits of our leadership programme for free alongside your job to give you an extra boost in your career.
    What is the relationship between Turing Talent and the destination company?
    The destination company partners with Turing Talent to provide a full-time job and our leadership programme to successful applicants.
    What does the leadership training cover?
    The training will cover a range of business skills, technical skills, and soft skills all with the goal of leadership development, giving you the tools and resources needed to succeed in your career. You will receive this training together with your Turing Talent peers on a monthly basis throughout the one-year programme.
    What happens when I graduate from the programme?
    You will receive a certificate which you can use to boost your career to the next level or higher.
    What companies are you working with?
    We are constantly adding new employers to be partner companies of the programme. Most of the open positions are listed on our website above. However, some are exclusive hires which are only available to candidates who have successfully passed Turing Talent's initial screening
    What roles are available?
    There are a range of technical roles and business roles through our programme including software engineer, data scientist, data analyst, data engineer, technology consultant, pre-sales engineer, product manager, customer experience, and more.
    How does the mentorship work?
    Once you secure a job with one of our partner companies, you will be matched with an experienced tech professional as your mentor. During the programme, you will agree a mentorship schedule. Your mentor will share their guidance, valuable resources, and relevant network connections with you to further enhance your career progression.
    Who is the employer of Turing Talent fellows?
    You will be employed by the destination company, not Turing Talent.
    Can my visa be sponsored?
    If you are already studying or working in the UK on a UK visa, we are able to sponsor your visa by either converting a student visa to a work visa, or a current work visa to your new company. For other locations, we cannot offer visa sponsorship at this time.
    What if I don't have any programming skills?
    Some positions and teams with placement companies are not programming specific, so that will not affect your application.
    We also offer pre-career trainings that cover technical skills. You can chose to join these trainings to improve your abilities and your job applications.
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