Success Story of Sumit Sharma

Computer Vision Engineer Intern at Renude.
Sumit Sharma, Turing Talent Intern.
Sumit Sharma, Turing Talent Intern.
Hello Sumit and thank you for agreeing to this interview. Let's start with your background, could you tell me about your background please?

My name is Sumit Sharma, and I'm from India. I have seven years of work experience as a DevOps engineer. I started my MSC degree at the University of Essex last year, currently pursuing artificial intelligence. And with the help of Turing Talent, I was introduced to Renude Company. Renude is a company which is managing skincare routines for people. I'm a Computer Vision Engineer intern there.

My job is basically to develop machine learning and deep learning-based models to classify the variety of techniques people have and the severity of acne. It involves a wide variety of image labeling and cloud systems. The idea is to appeal to the facility to use mobile applications to upload their self-images. All these models should be classified according to their acne problems. And then, they provide some dermatological treatment based on the findings.

Did you have any previous experience before starting the Turing Talent leadership program?

Yeah. As I mentioned before I have seven years of work experience. I worked for British Telecom indirectly.

How did you find out about this program of Turing Talent?

I was looking for some part-time jobs at my university. So, from the university job portal, I learned that there is a form of Turing Talent. They help you to find an internship. So, I connected with one of your members, and they interviewed me. They got to know what I was looking for, and after like 20 days, one of the members approached me and said that we had found some job for you related to the fields you are looking for.

Very nice! What were your expectations from this leadership program?

Before starting, I wanted to know more about deep learning and computer vision because I learned various techniques in machine learning and data science in my academics. But this is the particular area of interest that excited me. So I just wanted to get the industry's know-how in this specific area.

What projects did you build/work on during your internship?

In my internship, I mainly worked in a labeling job for starting. This is like a 6-month program for me, and I have completed two months as of now. And in these two months, I completed the data pre-processing part where you gather the information. Also, I do all sorts of pre-processing tasks, which some labeling experts will do. My mission was to frame the jobs available to labelers to use those jobs and classify the images. Once we get the label images, we will use them for training purposes. The second phase of this internship has started just now.

Which technologies did you use?

I mainly use Python, and I work on AWS sage maker, a tool for processing image data sets, using the Cloud Platform. The data set the company holds is already available on the AWS cloud. However, they cannot share their cloud database with other people because of privacy. That is why I'm located in a different cloud system, and my job is to communicate between the primary and secondary cloud. So I can say that I mainly use Python and AWS. Also, a variety of deep learning libraries related to Python. They involve TensorFlow Kerris and the visualizations, which include Plotly.

How did the leadership program contribute to your long-term career goals?

As I mentioned, I just had some introduction in my academic time that there's something called Computer Vision and deep learning. So I did a couple of projects there. So when I joined this internship, it gave me a vision that I could make my career in this field.

How did Turing Talent play a role in finding an internship for you and helping during the application process?

I was looking for an internship using other platforms such as LinkedIn and other job portals. I was applying there, but the job profiles were not precisely what I wanted. However, when I discussed with one of the Turing Talent members, I was told that whatever you're looking for, we will focus on that particular year and try to match your profile with the job requirement. And luckily, they found something which I wanted. It was like a perfect match!

It is great to hear that! What do you say to people considering joining the leadership program of Turing Talent?

I can say that Turing Talent is a good platform and an outstanding initiative. People looking for an internship should explore Turing Talent and explain their needs because Turing Talent can find you what exactly you are looking for. You don't need to go somewhere else and compromise with your expectations. Therefore, I can say that Turing Talent is the right platform.

Thank you, Sumit, for your genuinely inspiring journey in tech.

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