Sundar case study
How an AI-based supply chain company ramped up their technical capability with a team of Turing Talent Data Scientists and Engineers

Sundar, backed by NEA and Techstars, uses Machine Learning to improve the transparency of the apparel supply chain. Capturing the opportunities risen during the pandemic, the company needed to ramp up quickly a number of highly technical positions

Sundar initially took on one Data Scientist from the internship programme. Impressed by the individual and the partnership with Turing Talent, they have since taken on three more Data Scientists and Engineers.

"We were immediately impressed by the knowledge and skills of the people TURING TALENT were able to find for us. They were all high-pedigree students in Analytics and Computer Science with amazing experience and analytic skillset. They were all resilient, industrious and persistent, willing to work collaboratively, to learn and develop."

- Jag Hill, CEO of Sundar

Data, Analytics & Engineering
MSc in Business Analytics
Data, Analytics & Engineering
MSc Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Data, Analytics & Engineering
MSc Data Science
BSc Computer Science with Industrial Placement
Data, Analytics & Engineering
What our candidates worked on:
  • Web scraping to collect and organise data into standardised forms:
  • Data cleaning and unification techniques and use of NLP to increase the accuracy of the same
Technologies used: Scrapy, Python, Jupyter, Pycharm
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